Before you arrive, you will need to arrange somewhere to stay once you are in Almeria.

Long-term stays

CIVITAS University Residence

A new feature for the next academic course 16/17 is the opening of the CIVITAS University Residence, an ideal place to stay because of its location and facilities.  This residence meets all your expectations with regards to good facilities, working environment and living together in harmony. CIVITAS is located at the crossroads of two of the most important avenues in the capital, which within 5 minuts lead us directly to the campus. The residence has the most modern and convenient facilities to make your stay pleasant.

Flats to rent

Apart from this option, you can find a wide range of flats and rooms that you can rent during your stay in Almeria. Here, you can look for a flat to live alone or to share with other students. The Accommodation Service can help you to find private rented accommodation in Almeria, as well as provide you with advice on how to look for private rented accommodation and how to contact other students (flatmates) to look for accommodation together. You can already start to check out some of the flats available in Accommodation

Other Private residences in Almería

Residencia de María Inmaculada

Residencia Escolar Carmen de Burgos

Short-term stays

Almeria Youth Hostel

If you do not have a place to stay when you get to Almeria, we recommend that you book a room at the Almeria Youth hostel for the first days.  Almeria Youth Hostel is a place where you can rent a room for the time you need, that encourage outdoor activities and cultural exchange between young people from different countries. It can be a good option for staying in the city because it is not only comfortable and cheap but also a very safe place to stay which has an easy bus connection to the University.

Offers and agreements with hotels

Agreements with Hotels: Reservations made ​​through the University of Almería for public employees, teachers, researchers, etc.

Hotel Offers: Offers for groups and for the organisation of events (congresses, conferences, courses, etc.)