Electronic Administration

The Law 11/2007 of June 22 , (electronic access of citizens to public services) establishes the right of all citizens to interact electronically with the Government. The Autonomous Community of Andalusia itself has an own Law, 9/2007 of October 22, regulating the use of new technologies.

Among its contributions is to emphasize the strengthening of the rights of citizenship to liaise with the Government electronically. These laws that come with a high innovative content require a deep change in the public administration. This includes the participation of education sectors like Universities. The development involves a full force of initiation, prosecution and resolution of procedures by electronic means that is within the legal boundaries.

This new way of management is "eAdministration".

The University of Almería has signed an agreement with the Andalusian Regional Government for the development of e-Administration. Through its platform (w@nda system) we have electronic media available and programs suitable for implementing the right of citizens to interact with our University by electronic means.

Electronic Administration allows any citizen or members of the university community to manage their dealings via Internet from anywhere and at any time. The use of electronic, computer and communication techniques & media will form a new way of citizen attention because they are able to enjoy a virtual office 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The only requirement is to connect to the website of the University and hold a certificate of digital signatures (electronic certificate class 2-A) issued by the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, electronic DNI or any other recognized digital certification server company.