At present an Associate Professor (Prof. Contratado Doctor) at the University of Almería, until 2012 I taught as a Lecturer at the University of Málaga (Spain) where I also received the European PhD and the M.Sc. Electrical Engineering in 2009 and 2005, respectively, as a member of MAPIR lab. I also had the pleasure of visiting MRG lab (Oxford, 2008) and LIM lab (La Coruña, 2013).

My research interests include robotics, computational dynamics, estimation theory and computer vision. Check out some past research projects.


  • Despacho 1.05, Edificio CITE IV
  • Ctra. Sacramento, s/n
    Universidad de Almería - Edificio CITE II-A
    04120 La Cañada, Almería (Spain)

Advised PhD theses

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